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Time to Bloom YOUR Business

Isn’t the Spring season invigorating? We are all moving with so much energy right now due to rain and sun and SO MUCH TO DO to save the world through sustainable business.

NOW is the time to bloom your business: step up your efforts as a producer and a consumer to make a better world every time you work, every time you buy something. Make a better choice, a choice that will accelerate our evolution into a stakeholder economy, a world more just for people AND the web of life. Stuck on how to start doing more? When in doubt, go back to our Matrix. There is always more that you can do!

P3 Utah is entering a new phase of vital activity. Get involved! We have programs, we have content, we have inspiration, we have engagement, we have impact! Soon, we will have a membership program so to help amplify your P3 leadership and values to all of your important stakeholders. The key target year of 2030 looms before us and we are ready to catapult positive business towards the net positive impact position required to preserve advanced society and the web of life.

P3 Utah is doing more than ever to “bloom” our state and global ecosystem for sustainable, net positive business. Look at our activity list for the second half of 2021.

  • Continuing benefit company education video series in partnership with Impact Hub Salt Lake

  • Creating special programs with Utah Sustainable Business Coalition and Silicon Slopes

  • Encouraging state officials to adopt policies promoting social and sustainable enterprise

  • Streamlining UN toolkit and deploying internationally

  • Converting Toolkit into online course so EVERY company can become net positive

  • Participating as founding member of Businesses for Conservation and Climate Action & 30x30

  • Increasing inclusion through outreach to Utah’s diverse sustainability professionals

  • Engaging students at BYU, U of U, UVU, USU, Weber State and Westminster College

  • Producing cutting-edge virtual best practice tours and learning experiences

  • Reinstating best practice in person tours when safe

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