P3 Utah promotes using the positive power of business to save the world, advocating for policy change and providing tools that all stakeholders can use in every community.

We are a locally responsive politically neutral 501( c)(3) nonprofit organization with an independent board of directors headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. 


We have created a simple Matrix as a key focusing device to manage business sustainability and a toolkit that can be used by any business, organization or individual to increase the positive impacts of business.  These tools are especially helpful to enterprises that are beginning to consciously manage their social and environmental impacts.

Philosophy :

Business is the most powerful force in human life.  EVERY PERSON consumes resources every day and MOST adults and MANY children produce something that is consumed.  We need to make better decisions every day so that our consumption and production will make a better world!!!

Business is just business, right?

We don’t have enough charity and tax-based resources to clean up after harmful business, preserve human society and the web of life.

Only by transforming the practice of business itself, so that it automatically generates positive social and environmental impacts, can we save our world.

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2230 S. Belaire Drive

Salt Lake City, Utah 84109