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The History of P3 Utah

P3 Utah's founders began convening as early as November 2006 as members of Net Impact Utah, a professional chapter of the global organization Net Impact.  In 2012, Net Impact Utah ceased operating and began operating as P3 Utah after perceiving a need to: 1) establish a network to promote the triple bottom line value system to business, and 2) share best practices and opportunities to expand B2B opportunities among sustainability-oriented businesses. P3 Utah was incorporated as a state nonprofit and federal 501(c)(3) organization in 2013, and in 2018 we gladly accepted Net Impact's invitation to make P3 Utah an affiliate professional chapter again.


Develop P3 Utah Business Sustainability Matrix and toolkit to manage social and environmental impact of enterprises and translated core tools into the official five non-English UN languages.  Presented this information and recorded visions of sustainability leaders at 58th annual UN Civil Society Conference

Also developed SASE resource database to support Sustainable and Social Enterprises (SASE aka “Sassy”)

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Additional History of P3 Utah

2006 – Co-hosted first event, a panel on business ethics with the University of Utah business school at the downtown Salt Lake City public library.

2007 – Conducted first best practices tour of Xmission Internet Services.

2008 – Flew in Jackie DeCarlo from D.C. to address full Westminster College auditorium on fair trade.  Led one of the first public tours of Spanish Fork wind farm with 75 in attendance.

2010 – Mentored Westminster student teams on inbound waste challenge.

2011 – Facilitated significant diverse input to Salt Lake Mayor’s sustainability ordinance package, produced the first Utah Business Sustainability Conference in downtown Salt Lake City.

2013 – Hosted a panel featuring global leaders of companies who are certified B Corps. P3 Utah is incorporated as a state nonprofit corporation and begins application for 501( c)(3). P3 Utah features sustainability leader George Bandy, VP for Interface, at its third Conference.

2014 – Sponsored first state policy initiative, the establishment of benefit corporations as a new form of business, and establishes a designated business sustainability focus edition of The Enterprise, Utah’s weekly printed business journal.

2015 – Over 50 professionals attend a best practice tour at US Synthetic in Orem.  Established P3 People Podcast Program to showcase the emerging leaders of Utah's purpose economy.

2018 – Sponsored second state policy initiative, the establishment of benefit limited liability companies as a new form of business, making Utah only the fourth state to offer this business registration option.  Conducted "state of the social Utah social enterprise" assessment in collaboration with new Social Enterprise Alliance Utah Chapter.   Accepted Net Impact's invitation to make P3 Utah an affiliate professional chapter, allowing P3 Utah to operate the Net Impact Utah brand.

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