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P3 Utah is an independent, politically neutral, state-chartered nonprofit organization. Our Board & Team consists of local business owners and professionals, college interns, and community volunteers.

Nonprofit Best Practices and Ethics

  • P3 Utah adheres to the Utah Nonprofits Association Standards of Ethics.

  • Our Board of Directors reviews and reports progress on standards each year.

  • As a 501(c)3 with occasional advocacy work, our Executive Director maintains a state lobbying permit.

  • Each year we file an information tax return with the IRS and maintain our state nonprofit registration.


Fund Raising

  • P3 Utah raises funds with a state charitable solicitation permit and provides charitable deduction receipts to our members.

  • We report our fundraising expenses and funds raised each quarter to the Utah Division of Consumer Protection


Local Collaboration

P3 Utah staff convene quarterly to schedule and program a coordination meeting, engaging approximately a dozen organizations whose members work on aspects of business sustainability in Utah.


National Affiliations

P3 Utah is a member of the ASBC, the American Sustainable Business Council. The ASBC is a growing coalition of businesses and business networks committed to advancing a new vision/framework which advances market shifts and policies that support a sustainable economy.

Our Documentation

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