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Make This Our Best Year Yet

P3 Utah is stepping up its efforts substantially this year and we’ invite you to share the journey. The United Nations 2030 timeframe is sensible: we need shared targets and a sense of urgency in moving business to net positive impact. If a significant amount of production and consumption can be at or headed strongly toward net positive social and environmental impact in just eight years, we stand a good chance of slowing down adverse weather and human misery. P3 Utah has joined the “surge to positive,” and if you count yourself in our community, you share this work. Let’s briefly tick some those simple ways to step up your work.

SET GOALS. Using our six cell impact Matrix, try setting goals in all of the six cells to increase your positive impact by 2030.

EXTEND PLANS. If you have a sustainability plan, make sure you are covering all six Matrix areas. If all areas are covered, make sure you have equally strong goals and commitments to reach them. If you don’t have a comprehensive sustainability plan where you work, start one, build commitment for one, or just take steps that can be combined later into a plan. The only wrong action, is no action.

IMPROVE HOUSEHOLD CONSUMPTION. Consider your consumption side of the P3 equation. What can you do as a householder yourself to make more positive impact purchasing decisions? Can you make your living companions more healthy, safer and energetic? Can you improve your positive impact on your neighborhood, socially and environmentally?

BE CREATIVE AND AMBITIOUS. Beyond your business and your household, where else can you have impact on people, your family, friends, neighbors, members of your faith, hobby, entertainment communities? How can you create a more diverse ecosystem around you, nearby or in a place you have passion for anywhere in the world?

There is so much to do but if we all just commit to thinking and talking about it more often, we can help each other to build better habits to more automatically seek out ways to more positively produce and consume in our lives. We have to and we will! Now is the time to extend our reach, so that we can collectively accomplish more and reduce the drastic action that we and our descendants will need to take in the decades to come. Let’s not regret that we didn’t try hard enough, soon enough, to face our shared existential challenges.

P3 Utah is stepping up its work, providing more tools, access to best practices and opportunities to share solutions and inspiration. Here is our to-do list, a recap of how we are stepping up to support your stepping up over the next year. In addition to more obvious website refresh and resumption of social media program, P3 Utah will be providing additional resources and programs for sustainable businesses, including:

  • Benefit company owner networking;

  • Chief sustainability officer GreenX green team problems solving sessions;

  • Global power-of-business impact leveraging webinar series;

  • Membership program including sustainability program and benefit company technical assistance;

  • Online sustainable business certification program and ranking system;

  • Advocacy for the national 30 Percent By 2030 land and water conservation program; and

  • Virtual best practice tours and networking events.

Announcements on timing and access to this expanded set of services are forthcoming. Don’t wait for us, act as if the future of humanity and nature depend upon you, because it does.

Be P3

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