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More P3 Needed in ‘22 to Reach ‘30

SDG Whoopee

You have certainly heard of the ‘goals for human survival,’ otherwise referred to as the UN SDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals). Like any other bureaucratic collaborative approach to cover all that needs to be covered, there are, yes indeed, 17 of them! Check them out, again, please. Are there any that we can’t do without?

It doesn’t matter what any of us individually think about these goals at this point. We just have to accept that thousands of well-intentioned global neighbors of ours, have finally set some goals for human survival. As awkward and imperfect as they are, this is what we have to work with. If we can get most of the way, to most of these goals, by 2030, we may have a chance of preserving a tolerable future for humanity, whether it is 10 billion or just 1 million by the end of this century.

The point is to do, as much as we can, as fast as we can. You may not have noticed but P3 Utah has been quietly talking about how anybody, anywhere can contribute to these goals, directly and indirectly: anybody anywhere! It is our not-yet-famous P3 Utah Business Sustainability Matrix.

This deceivingly simple framework makes it easy to think about the triple bottom line approach to sustainable business. No matter how you want to look at it or what words you need to use or what sophisticated protocol your company or industry or investors want to use, it is ALL covered in a simple six angle viewing tool, the P3 Matrix.

How Can YOU Use the Matrix in 2022?

At this time of year, it is customary to set goals for next year. As a thoughtful, caring human being, and one of the few to read this blog, you are certainly going to do this. You have probably already started your annual year end review and adopted big goals for next year, at least, for your business. We at P3 Utah would encourage you to go a bit further, for yourself, your business, your friends, family, community, society and our entire shared Biosphere (the Web of Life or Creation, if you will…..). We invite you to use the P3 Matrix construct in one or all of the following ways.

§ Annually. Think simply about goals you would like to achieve through your primary place of employment/ownership. Can you set ONE goal in each of the six Matrix lens areas for next year, a verifiable, achievable goals?

§ Monthly/Quarterly. If you are already setting people/planet/profit goals, would you please review your progress periodically so see if you are making the change you want to see in the world on pace to meet your own goals? If you are not, can you figure out how to resolve issues slowing you down and move faster? If you can’t figure out how to move forward , will you seek out assistance – there is more of it every day. If you are getting to your monthly/quarterly milestones, do you think you should set a more ambitious goal or take on additional goals?

§ Daily/Monthly. Consider taking a P3 moment at the beginning of every day or week. Ask yourself: what can I do now, to make a better world for people, planet and profit. Even if it is the very smallest step, just take that step.

Don’t Wait: You’ve Been Called!

I wish that the Great Angel of Sustainability (GAS?) would come and talk to you, at breakfast tomorrow or in your dreams every night, and tell you: “Bud, its’ time to pitch in, put your shoulder to the wheel of sustainability and push a little harder. Our Biosphere is counting on you. “ It just doesn’t work that way. Besides, heads of religions, nations, climate action organizations, maybe even your own family members, have all said that we need to do more. Unfortunately, there is no big chunk of money to give to you if you pitch in. You might get an award or a bit of satisfaction.

The main thing is, your great great grandchildren may experience even a fraction of what we take for granted as a Biosphere full of functioning diversity, beauty and fulfillment for all of us. That’s the minimum what they will need to survive and thrive. Of course you want that for them!

The Best is Yet to Come

We at P3 Utah believe that enough humans will work to transform business to produce social and environmental well-being to save most of humanity and a functioning Biosphere. We are continually learning how many people are striving to make a better world. In some ways, we want to catch up. In other ways, we have to lead and be as helpful as we are able.

Only eight more years to 2030. We are already behind schedule in creating the net positive regenerative stakeholder economy that will sustain life as long as our Sun burns. It won’t happen automatically. Please continue to pursue the triple bottom line, as a producer and a consumer, the best you know how. Let’s all step up our efforts this coming year. You know its worth doing and may be all that really matters

Be P3!

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