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My Experience Consulting with US Synthetic

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

by Cameron Noorda

When I first started this internship, I really had no idea what I was getting into. I had zero experience in business consulting, let alone consulting for a non-profit that helps organizations make sustainable decisions. However, I was determined to learn because I believe that every business can make a positive difference if they are given the right tools. In the context of environmental and social impact, I now know what many of those tools are.

One example is the P3 Utah Sustainability Matrix, which can help guide any company’s decisions to make simple yet effective changes. I also learned that there are quite a few programs already in existence for businesses to take advantage of if they are interested in sustainability, such as the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals, or the B-corporation certification process. As it turns out, businesses that want to make a positive difference in the world are nothing new, and they are more common than ever.

More importantly than the knowledge I learned, though, was the valuable nuggets of experience I found throughout this internship. I learned that the process of change is often slow, sometimes frustratingly so, but that gives us the opportunity to appreciate the small victories when they do come. For example, just to receive a few dozen responses on a survey we designed for USS employees was a thrill, and then to analyze and discuss this feedback with our liaison Landen was even more satisfying. I also realized that even with good intentions, reliable tools, and up-to-date information, the solution to a problem is not always readily available. It takes work to find the right answer.

I hope that every intern who works for P3 Utah appreciates the unique opportunity they have with this organization. The work may not always be glamorous, but it is always worth it.

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