• Steve Klass

July 30th Meeting with Landen

by Cameron Noorda

We met again with Landen of US Synthetic today, and it was interesting to me that much of our discussion, though not focused on increasing profit, ultimately related back to "Marketplace", another key part of P3 Utah's sustainability matrix. We had met to discuss the focus group he is assembling and the survey we are putting together for USS’s employees. Both are intended to help us learn employees’ thoughts about the company’s efforts towards reaching a triple bottom line.

Landen hopes to raise the public’s awareness of the good that USS does for the community and the world, and he feels that one of the greatest benefits that can be derived from this is, of course, more business. Additionally, the insights we gain from the survey and the focus group will help the company as they strive to qualify for the sustainability benchmarks mentioned last time. This will only serve to increase the company’s positive perception among other businesses.

We want to send out the survey to as many employees as we can, with 30 being the target number. Landen also wanted to name the focus group the Engineering for Good Committee, made up of employees who have participated enthusiastically in USS’s humanitarian or community outreach programs before. He hopes the Committee will continue to function long after our team finishes our work with them.

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