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US Synthetic: Sustainability Matrix

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

by Cameron Noorda

Today we had our second meeting with Landen, the Director of Engineering Good for US Synthetic. We had the opportunity to review the qualifications for three different Business Sustainability (benchmarks) that US Synthetic has an interest in: the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, B Corporation registration, and of course, our own P3 Utah Evaluation. Many of these questions and requirements relate directly to production, a key part of the sustainability matrix.

For example, in order to qualify for the Silver Level in the P3 Utah Evaluation, the company must collect sufficient data about operations in comparison to industry benchmarks, report on their process and triple bottom line outcomes to stakeholders, and achieve at least 20% of industry certifications available in their respective field. All of these have the potential to impact production in different ways. Comparing production data may reveal that other companies are creating similar products in more efficient or eco-friendly ways. Clear reports to stakeholders may lead to them demanding more or less be done about production costs, and industry certifications may require changes in the production process.

Landen was very interested in helping US Synthetic reach these benchmarks, particularly the P3 Utah Evaluation and the B Corp registration.

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