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Ice Cream Strengthens the Community

by Cameron Noorda

On a recent team visit to Penguin Brothers, we noticed that their business exhibited solid practices in several sustainability Matrix areas, especially concerning Community.

While the employees wore masks, no such rule was enforced with customers, nor was any seating marked off to enforce distancing. However, this may have been because all their customers except us either sat outside or picked up their order and left.

On a more positive note, Penguin Brothers seems to proudly support their community. As per their trendy college town restaurant vibe, they have a lot of wacky art on display. Splashed on their largest wall was a colorful mural painted by an artist living here in Provo, and the other paintings of pop culture icons holding ice cream sandwiches were also likely local creations. They also get their ice cream from another popular Utah business, Rockwell Ice Cream Parlor.

As far as their impact on the global ecology, we had a more difficult time judging that. The employees said that all their cardboard boxes are recycled or reused, but that there was also room for improvement. Breann noticed that their paper cups and plastic spoons are not the recyclable kind, and we felt that could be an easy enough change.

Overall, our team believes that Penguin Brother cares about its local community but could do more to improve their impact on the planet.

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