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First, Know Thyself

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Sorry for butchering a line from Hamlet, Mr. Shakespeare, but for most people in business, the consuming public, and our network of allies and supportive public officials, the business sustainability community is a wispy cloud of a noble idea. We only have a few data points concerning triple bottom line business in Utah: 35 registered benefit LLCs, 32 registered benefit companies, and fewer than 10 Certified B Corps. We know there are hundreds of companies doing good work to make a better world because we have toured them over the last 15 years, invited them to our eight annual conferences, and recorded them in over 100 podcasts.

However, we believe this may be just the tip of the positive impact business iceberg. We really have no way of knowing more. Today, April 12, 2021, we are announcing the soft launch of Utah’s first Sustainable Business Inventory. This 10 minute survey is key to answering the most basic questions about sustainable business in Utah:

  • How many companies are consciously trying to boost their social and environmental impact?

  • How are they doing it?

  • What issues are they working on? and

  • What kind of support would help them scale up their good work?

You can help test drive this survey (and get back to us with reactions and ideas to improve this at Only with this sort of expanded information can we act strongly to improve public policy, business association, and consumer action to support the development of Utah’s social and sustainable enterprise community as a distinct economic sector. Please jump into the survey when you find 10 minutes to do one of your many daily good deeds, and please share with colleagues in other companies by April 26, 2021.

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