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  • Kathryn Bangerter

Making a Difference One Employee at a Time

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Recyclops is a company that aims to make recycling possible in areas where residents lack access to proper facilities. It also truly cares about its employees while providing a passionate product for the planet. Making employees a core value, Recyclops has been able to build a highly satisfied and motivated workforce. Recyclops is a recycling company that works in rural cities around Utah, Texas, Idaho, Oklahoma and Arizona. The ever-growing company has had incredible impact on the underserved communities in which they work by focusing on their employees. Ryan Smith, founder and CEO of Recyclops, takes a creative approach when it comes to his employees: treat them as well as the company treats customers. With this approach, it creates jobs in rural areas as well as a diverse work environment, and it motivates employees to succeed at work and in the community.

What does it mean to treat your employees like your costumers? If you have ever worked with a costumer, you know that you want the costumer to be happy and satisfied with the purchase they make. Similarly, Recyclops wants their employees to be pleased with the job they take on and motivated to do the job well. In each city in which Recyclops works, they create a solid customer base and create new jobs within the community. Recyclops treats each new hire as if they were accepting someone into their family. They accept employees for who they are, and Recyclops helps employees know that they are making a difference in their communities. It's a solid strategy: as your workforce satisfaction grows, so too does the satisfaction of your customers. And for Recyclops, it shows.

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