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  • Jacob Christensen

Young (sustainable) Living

What does it mean to be sustainable? Why should a business be sustainable at all? Many people have these questions--I certainly did before I dove into the concept of sustainable business. Learning the answers to these questions takes time and experience, but you can learn a lot by looking at what businesses are already doing.

Two months ago, we began working with Young Living. Our goal was to assess their current sustainability efforts, research some possible avenues for their sustainability program, and provide recommendations. Even though we came in with a basic knowledge of sustainability, we ended up walking away with a tremendous amount of learning and experience. This learning is not unique to the consulting process; anyone who takes a close look at a company, specifically Young Living, can learn about sustainability.

Young Living has decided to incorporate sustainability into every aspect of their business. From the minute you walk in their front door, you can see how serious they are about this sustainable corporate identity. They have a miniature ecosystem in their front foyer and light streaming in everywhere. Even before we started the official consulting, we were in awe of how they are helping the community worldwide through the Young Living Foundation. They even have a dedicated “Green Team” devoted to planning and carrying out sustainability projects all around the world.

These are just a few of the highlights from our consulting experience. Take some time today to look at what Young Living is doing to help the community!

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