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  • Jarom Hyde

Nu Skin, New Sustainability

Nu Skin boasts an impressive mission statement: “Our mission is to be a force for good throughout the world…”

My assessment from the headquarters tour is that Nu Skin is striving to be a force for good throughout the world. Their office restaurant recycles 95% of plastics use and gets most of their produce from their own controlled-environment agriculture. Glass panels are self-adjustable based on the time of day to optimize building temperature without using a lot of air conditioning. Scientific tests are being conducted in the headquarter’s laboratory to dismiss plastic consumer product bottles and use biodegradable or otherwise less harmful material in containers. Changing the material of the containers will significantly reduce the amount of plastic Nu Skin produces when consumers throw their bottles away after use.

Nu Skin’s culture and attitude toward sustainability is impressive. They are aware that small changes on an industrial scale can still bring huge impact. They also appreciate the importance of planning their sustainability projects at least 10 years in advance in order to deal with pivot difficulties along the way. In their CSR projects to build wells and provide food to underprivileged families, they are currently tackling the difficult task of measuring and quantifying their impact. Instead of just counting how many wells they build, to what extent does this bring a positive impact?

To companies interested in sustainability, I would recommend learning from the example of Nu Skin.

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