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  • Ryan Morley

The Unexpected Impact of Mindfulness

Business is evolving. The world of business has always been dynamic, the landscape constantly transforming with the ebb and flow of human philosophy and ingenuity. In more recent years, businesses have begun to reach for the standard of a “triple-bottom line”. Instead of being motivated solely by profit, business leaders and employees are seeking greater meaning and purpose behind their work by also helping people and the planet. Cost-effective and powerful methods of helping people in the work-place reach their potential are especially becoming more prevalent.

One particularly interesting and effective practice being used to accomplish this goal in business today is mindfulness. The benefits of this practice are more far-reaching than are initially assumed. How much can taking five minutes to meditate everyday really do for you? As it turns out, quite a bit.

One of the greatest difficulties faced by businesses is how to grow human capital. Mindfulness is proving to be a low-cost and extremely effective method to make employees better communicators, more motivated, and happier. A business environment that fosters these things in workers builds stronger trust in its customers more quickly, and creates more true and lasting value for people.

Successful businesses across the globe are beginning to see the value of this practice. Google, Target, and Twitter are just a few of many companies providing training in mindfulness for its employees. The summer 2015 issue of Conscious Company magazine shares the perspective of the Venerable Lama Tenzin Dhonden, a Tibetan Buddhist monk and founder of Friends of the Dalai Lama. You can read more here:

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