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  • Quinton Lister

What do you care about?

I am really asking, what do you care about? One of the hardest things for any human to do in my opinion is to keep in mind what they really care about in every circumstance. It is a fast paced world and decisions need to be made at a faster and faster pace. Who has time to think about what they care about when they have a pressing deadline that will have a major influence on whether or not they keep their job?

The hard truth is if we are not conscious decision makers then what we care about will be lost in what we do. This concept, amongst others was touched on by Karen Dillon at the last TEDx BYU conference. Dillon was the co-author of the book How Will You Measure Your Life? Along with Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen. Her speech was powerful and the principles she taught can have the power to impact anyone or any organization’s life. P3 Utah, as an organization, seeks to help create meaningful impact through business and to truly see thinking about the triple bottom line become the norm in the business world will take some soul searching. It will also take knowing what it is we truly care about. Dillon says it best, so I will let her teach the lesson:

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