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  • Gabriella Rebol

P3 Visits Packaging-Free Hello!Bulk Markets + New Podcast Episode

P3 Utah recently visited Hello!Bulk Markets, a package-free grocery store, to see how they tackle the triple bottom line practices. Customers bring in their own containers (jars, spray bottle, etc.) to the store. They then measure the weight before filling their container using a funnel, which are available at the store. The customer would then weigh the filled package, deduct the original weight of the container, and then pay. This is an effort to reduce the amount of plastic pollution in the environment, especially our oceans. Also, it doesn't only offer food but also cleaning and personal care products. Additionally, Hello!Bulk Markets is focused on providing the most sustainable products available and supporting local businesses around Utah by selling their products in the store. Some local food and body items are sold in packaging, but the use packaging can be returned to Hello!Bulk on your next visit and will be reused by the company it came from! It is a great business that prioritizes the planet, people, and profit. Get your jars, bottles, and containers and visit Hello!Bulk Markets! The P3 People podcast episode with Jamaica Trinnaman is out now on Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, and Stitcher!

Watch our short video on Instagram or Facebook to see the store and some information about how it works.

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