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Green Seal

Green Seal is a National initiative that has been setting guidelines for products since 1989. They focus on taking commonly used items and things in our day to day lives, and making sure that it is environmentally safe. They currently have standards for over 500 products, and have set 27 environmental leadership standards. These products range from buildings such as houses and universities, to household objects like paper towels and makeup. Their goal is to track the product from birth to death so to speak, in that they want to make sure each aspect is environmentally sound, and healthy to humans and the world around us. This means that they track the package from the resources being gathered, through manufacturing, selling, useage, and then finally when it is discarded in whatever form that may look like. Green Seal is a great example of what it takes to achieve success in implementing sustainability, with a specific focus on the environmental side of the Matrix.

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