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3Form is killin' it.

Last week, the P3Utah team attended the 3Form Sustainability Week Open House. 3Form showcased 3 exciting sustainability developments.

First, it was their 15th annual “Green Week”. This is their internal focus on sustainability in business and they strive to find a way to include every employee in helping make the company more sustainable. Why, they even hold a sustainability T-shirt design competition where employees submit design ideas and then earn sustainability points that are good towards prizes and recognition.

Second, 3Form just finished their rolling remodel of their Salt Lake City office and manufacturing location. Choosing to stay in an older building instead of new construction, 3Form doubled down on their commitment to sustainability by recycling their own products and building their own office furniture to suit the needs of their growing employee base. It is also clear that 3Form cares deeply about their most important assets - their employees, and provide both an onsite gym and medical clinic for their utilization!

Lastly, we watched as 3Form cut the red ribbon for their new EV car charging system, one of the largest installs of such recharging in the state. With 16 total stations, employees are encouraged to trade out their conventional cars for electric models and can top them up at the office free of charge.

We are always inspired by the great strides local businesses make to improve the lives of their employees and the environment they live in. 3Form takes it one step further by integrating sustainability into the fabric of the business model and is a true leader in the sustainable building material marketplace.

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