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Hi! It's Ashley Francis from The Jux Creative, a media and event production company based in Salt Lake City.

We often are inundated with media content from social media networks and the internet steering us to do things to better save the Earth, or companies are acting as though they are making an impact on sustainability, when in reality, they are just putting up a front. There is no perfect answer, there is no instant solution. But don't you think that if each of us make small changes in our everyday choices, could actually impact our future for the better? Our generation could be around to enjoy our Earth, our children, their children, possibly their offspring? At the current rate of waste, pollution, and emissions we are spitting out, there is a huge chance we won't be here to enjoy life! I'm just here to help begin your way of thinking and suggest ways of possible alternatives that will significantly impact our environment's successful future.

1. Refuse Plastic.

There are so many reusable products out there.

Do you need a straw to drink out of wherever you go? Buy a stainless steel straw and keep it with you all the time. I personally don't love the taste of metal, but with silicone tips - it helps. Try this.

Also. Refuse plasticware when getting your to-go food. Don't you have silverware at home? Or keep some with you in your bag. Because I know you have one. Messenger or backpack, purse, pocket. Whatever. You have one.

2. Use Glass.

I, like a million other people drink coffee at least twice a day. I hate having to hold a paper cup. It drives me bonkers. SO MUCH WASTE. Get one of these cups from KeepCup. They are the world's first barista standard reusable cup. BPA free, features sustainably sourced natural cork, and promotes REUSE. I keep my personalized glass cup with me at ALL TIMES.

3. Recycle Glass.

Utah is a bit behind in the whole recycling glass situation and it irks to me no end. Did you know we have a huge drinking population? Or buy Clausen pickles and sauerkraut? Or Heineken/Becks/Uinta/Epic/literally any beer. It's not a far drive to take your collected glass to a glass recycling facility. Click here for locations.

4. Recycle your stuff!

I don't think residents of Salt Lake County (or any county really) are informed on what they can and cannot recycle. 90% of your everyday products can be recycled! Look for the recycle symbol. Remember, don't put your recycling in plastic bags (garbage bags, grocery sacks, etc). I love my reusable canvas bags that I take shopping with me everywhere. Although plastic sack recycling is available a select locations, I'd rather not have to make an extra trip to recycle plastic bags. Don't know what you're doing? Look it up on the Salt Lake County Recycling website!

Yes, we've all heard it before. Support local. Buy local THERE IS A REASON. Buying local reduces the mileage and emissions of your food, as well as supports your local economy! There is also less risk for food contamination, and reduces the use of fossil fuels. Buying local means more money stays within your community. Every dollar spent generates twice as much income for the local economy. Local produce is fresher and tastes better because it is usually sold within 24 hours of being picked.

These are just a few things to think about. Just make a small change. Ask your friends to make a change. ADVOCATE. Do what you say you're going to do!

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