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LA + NY Times Say So...

We found this article on the LA Times on October 9th. It's quite an interesting read. A bit shocking TBH.

"Scientists say some devastating effects of climate change will hit harder and decades sooner than previously expected unless swift action is taken."

Sounding the Alarm on Climate Change

Ninety-one top scientists have an urgent message: Climate change is not only real but also could reach a tipping point in a dozen years. The report, commissioned under the Paris climate accord that President Trump rejected, paints a grim picture for the relatively near future if dramatic steps aren’t taken to cut back on fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions. Sound impossible? Not according to the two American scholars who were awarded this year’s Nobel Prize in economics for studying climate change and sustainable growth.

From the NY Times:

WASHINGTON — The Yale economist William D. Nordhaus has spent the better part of four decades trying to persuade governments to address climate change, preferably by imposing a tax on carbon emissions.

His careful work has long since convinced most members of his own profession, and on Monday he was awarded the 2018 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in recognition of that achievement.

But Professor Nordhaus sadly noted that he hadn’t convinced the government of his own country.

“The policies are lagging very, very far — miles, miles, miles behind the science and what needs to be done,” Professor Nordhaus said shortly after learning of the prize. “It’s hard to be optimistic. And we’re actually going backward in the United States with the disastrous policies of the Trump administration.”

Professor Nordhaus shared the prize with Paul M. Romer, an economist at New York University whose work has demonstrated that government policy plays a critical role in fostering technological innovation.

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