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• Eighth Annual Utah Business Sustainability Conference 

  September  20 - 21

P3 has been proud to initiate and produce Utah’s first and still only business sustainability conference, held annually since 2011.  Our event highlights current topics and features area and national leaders in our field, as shown in the searchable Conference Speakers table below.

2011   2012   2013   2014 .  2015   2016   2017   2018 

On September 21, we rise to answer the question:  How can business lead itself, government and our customers from the bottom up to create a sustainable Utah? Take action towards real change by developing collaborative strategies to solve problems right here in Utah. It's up to us.

Whether you are looking to complete annual continuing education requirements for a certification or want a leg up in the workplace, you can find what you need at the PreConference Professional Development Workshop on September 20.

P3 Utah 8th Annual Sustainability Sponso
P3 Utah 8th Annual Sustainability Sponso
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