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P3 People Podcast: Brian Nelson of X-Tech and Disruptor Nation
July 17, 2017

Brian Nelson is the founder of X-Tech and Disruptor Nation, an online community for educating and connecting innovators, as well as a resource for promoting and supporting the use of exponential technologies to solve the world’s greatest...
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P3 People Podcast: Laura Palmer, Principal at Bridgenosis
July 5, 2017

Laura Palmer explains how to use your intuitive map to find who you are. To Laura, Bridgenosis is "bridging yourself to knowing". She addresses how a strong conscience can change the direction of business towards sustainability. By teaching clients...
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Kelly Lake award cropped
P3 People Podcast with Kelly Lake of LeCroissant Catering
June 23, 2017

Kelly Lake, co-owner of Salt Lake City’s Le Croissant Catering, stops by the studio to talk with Steve Klass of P3 Utah.  Kelly shares what it means to be a Benefit Corporation and how that choice spills into all other aspects of her catering...
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