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Why P3 Utah (Part Two)
July 30, 2015

See Part One for: How Can MY Business Make a Better World? Why Does a Definitive Declaration of Beneficial Values Matter? What’s In It For You? The reasons to affiliate, based on values and enlightened self-interest, are many.  In addition,...
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lyn christian p3 people podcast
P3 People Podcast with Lyn Christian of SoulSalt
July 28, 2015

Lyn Christian, Founder of SoulSalt, talks with Steve Klass of P3 Utah about her experiences as a renowned business and life strategies coach.  Lyn proposes that we are leaving the era of “Jerk”-led business and moving toward a business model...
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Sunrise over mountians
Why Join P3 Utah? (Part One)
July 22, 2015

How Can MY Business Make a Better World? Do you believe that business should improve our world? By joining P3 Utah, your company will take an important first step, declaring to all that “THIS business has stepped onto the path to becoming a...
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brian murphy tea zaanti
P3 People Podcast with Brian Murphy of Tea Zaanti
July 21, 2015

On this week’s episode of P3 People, Steve Klass of P3 Utah meets with Brian Murphy, owner of Tea Zaanti in the Sugar House neighborhood of Salt Lake City.   Brian talks with Steve about running a tea shop that provides sanctuary to the local...
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