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Smokey Peck of the Pro Recycling Group
Benefit corporations, the guys in the white hats
May 18, 2016

Just like in the old West, the guys in today's business with the white hats are the good guys.  Sometimes they really wear white cowboy hats, like Smokey Peck, a P3 Utah board member and co-owner of 3 of Utah’s 31 benefit corporations.  Other...
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Kayla Mitros in India
Does our work matter?
May 11, 2016

Earlier this month, Kayla Mitros, a former P3 Utah intern, was photographed meditating in a temple in India.  Are you inspired to go and join her?  Does it make a difference if we choose to go to the other side of the world to find ourselves, or...
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BC article image
Benefit corporation education and celebration events set for several locations
May 4, 2016

Benefit corporations (BCs) are a category of state business registration. Owners of BCs commit to produce materially positive benefits to society and the environment, may designate a philanthropic cause of their choice and make an annual report on...
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Salvation army topical tuesday
2015 Showed an Increase in Human Need
May 3, 2016

According to this press release by the Salvation Army, 2015 showed a 15% increase in human need. This shows a reverse in the improvements of 2013 and 2014. The Human Needs Index (HNI) tracks the changing levels of need including meals,...
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