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P3 People Podcast with Vale Hale of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development
April 25, 2017

On this week’s podcast of P3 People, we have the pleasure to talk with Val Hale, the executive director of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED). Val describes how GOED is improving the quality of life for local Utahans, by...
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Earth Day Weekend P3 Podcast Rewind: Whitney Ward
April 21, 2017

In honor of Earth Day this weekend, we are doing a P3 Podcast Rewind to our episode last winter with Whitney Ward, associate principal at VCBO. On this episode, Steve and Whitney discuss how she works to help people push their buildings to be...
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P3’s Benefit LLC Info Center, Coming Soon!
April 12, 2017

Society seems to have a symbiotic, yet increasingly antagonistic relationship with businesses. In the late 1960’s occupational safety came to the forefront of public discourse as workplace injury and death rose. In December of 1970 the Nixon...
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