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Align commerce with community well-being to 

use the power of business to reach all UN SDGs 


Business is the most powerful force in human life

EVERY PERSON consumes resources every day and

MOST adults and MANY children produce something that is consumed

We need to make better decisions every day so that 

our consumption and production will make a better world



Use P3 Matrix to Take Action NOW


Transform any business of any size into a net positive force for good 


Toolkit guiding use of this powerful simple Matrix is at

Toolkit is in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish


The toolkit includes FREE resources including: 

  • Action steps for individuals, organizations/communities and businesses

  • Guide for goal setting, monitoring and reporting positive business impacts

  • Best practice database open for YOUR contributions 

  • Simple three step rating system to guide acceleration of business impact improvement

  • Starting spreadsheet to track positive business impacts for very small businesses

  • Starter positive public relations (PR) kit to show business progress to local community 

  • Model regulation concepts that can be adopted to encourage positive impact business

  • Inspirational video message library  

  • Guide to sharing your vision, your concerns and your journey with the global P3 community


Civil society groups and student organizations can learn to use these tools to help businesses in their communities increase their positive social and environment impact.


Stuck on how to start? 


Email us  and we will provide FREE initial coaching. With additional funding for our work, we can coach and mentor remotely through Zoom/Skype.


GET STARTED NOW to make a better world through business


Action steps for individuals, organizations/communities and businesses


As an individual

  • Choose more positive impact every time you spend money

  • Choose an employer with greater impact

  • Ask employer if you can help your workplace have a more positive impact

  • Invest and support growth of businesses with more positive impact

  • Join local efforts to support more positive businesses and improve more harmful businesses


As a civil society, government agency, neighborhood/community group

  • Adopt policies and campaigns supporting more positive impact businesses with every purchase

  • Encourage members, stakeholders and constituents to support more positive impact business

  • Support laws and regulations allowing formation of high impact P3 business

  • Show harmful businesses the P3 way to profit people, planet and owners at the same time

  • Support student groups to be a support resource for interested businesses to improve impacts


As a business leader, manager or company owner

  • Commit to improvement: take baseline measures of key indicators

  • Make a plan to improve key parts of your operation, monitor and manage the plan

  • Involve employees, customers, suppliers and distributors, they all need a better world

  • Be transparent and accountable:  publish your progress on your website

  • Be a leader:  pursue product, industry and company certifications of positive impact


As a student group

  • Learn how businesses can manage the triple bottom line, increasing net positive impacts

  • Lead/support campaigns supporting positive business with collective buying power

  • Lobby for supportive laws and regulations

  • Learn about positive businesses certifications and promote these locally

  • Lean how to support business P3 programs, offering auditing and social media support

Stuck on how to start?

Email us and we will respond with some initial coaching. 

With additional funding for our work, we can coach and mentor remotely through Zoom/Skype.

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