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The Brilliance of NuSkin

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

by Breann Hunt

As a team, we had the opportunity to meet with two NuSkin employees. NuSkin has a variety of CSR initiatives that helps engage their employees and distributors across the globe. The most famous perhaps is the for profit branch of their social outreach- NutriMeal. This NuSkin sponsored meal is provided to hungry populations across the globe. Distributors order this product in addition to their other purchases and the company delivers it through the proper channels in Africa and other nations of the world. NuSkin actually makes money off of this, making it both a charitable and lucrative aspect of their business, and their distributors gain a sense of connection to the company’s mission- being a Force for Good. A key to NuSkin’s success in CSR efforts is the collection of data. Without data, CSR officers have a difficult time making the case for changes and getting support from management.

NuSkin also makes an effort to connect with its employees. Through virtual town halls, the company has attempted to continue educating their employees, even through the Covid 19 pandemic. The advice we received for making companies more socially minded was simple- start from the inside. Education plays a large role in changing company culture to focus on the core values the firm and engaging others in the mission behind the company.

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