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Benchmarking the University of Utah for Business Sustainability

August 15, 2019

Within the PAC 12 business schools, most of them have some aspect of triple bottom line practices incorporated into their programs. Whether it’s through school-sanctioned clubs, a business sustainability emphasis, or a certification each school is contributing their part. On a larger scale, the University of Utah as an entire institution is contributing to sustainability education through the Environmental and Sustainability Studies major, the sustainability office and other certificates and courses. However, while the University itself continues to move forward in the right direction, the Eccles School of Business lags behind.


The Eccles School is a nationally ranked, renowned business school that has all of the tools necessary to include sustainability education. There is student interest, and even interest from some professors within the Eccles School to advance the curriculum. When benchmarked against peer institutions, it’s clear that the University of Utah’s Eccles School of Business should pursue ways to include sustainability. In the table/graph included there are several advancements that business schools within the PAC 12 have accomplished. Several of the business schools within the PAC 12 have a sustainability website outlining their involvement in sustainability practices. Some have some form of a business-related certification that includes the 3 Ps: people, planet and profit. Most of the schools have a student club relating to business sustainability, whether it’s a Net Impact chapter or otherwise. Many of the business schools also have a sustainability emphasis/concentration/minor within the business program. The University of Utah recently achieved the silver STARS rating through AASHE. While the school has made many advancements, we are still behind our colleagues in this sustainability ranking. One of the ways we can improve our ranking is to incorporate sustainability into the David Eccles School of Business. 


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