Sustain Dane

May 16, 2019

Created to forward the cause of sustainable businesses in the region of Dane County, Wisconsin, Sustain Dane is an organization much like P3 Utah. While many of its initiatives focus on environmental impact, they are staunch promoters of the triple bottom-line. They organize networking events for sustainability minded professionals, and they even have their own  training curriculum for firms seeking to actively shift to a more sustainable business model (MPower Business Champions). They hold as their ultimate goal to create communities focused on providing the best quality of life for all people. By learning from Sustain Dane’s example, it is possible for P3 Utah to further extend its concept of the six cell sustainability matrix to potentially create guidelines of its own. These guidelines in turn could help Utah become a leader in triple bottom-line business. Sustain Dane is an awesome example of what local nonprofits can do to enhance the cause of sustainability at the grassroots level.


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