• Steve Klass

Cameron's Advice for Future Interns

by Cameron Noorda

I would say the most important thing a student consultant can do is become as familiar as possible with the different sustainable business certifications right away (e.g. UNSDG’s, B-Corporation, P3 Utah Evaluation, etc.). These play an extremely important role throughout the internship, and if you don’t know the differences between the three, you won’t know which one to recommend to your business partner’s inhouse leader.

I would add that working closely with your team advisor Steve is important and can save you a lot of stress. He is very experienced and pretty much always has advice for a problem you’re facing. Steve doesn’t have all the answers, but he will usually point you in the right direction. He is also quick to consider your suggestions and encourage you to implement them.

Meeting as a team frequently to work on things is essential. Our internship got off to a slow start, but before we knew it the assignments started to pile up. If we had not been in frequent communication, we would have messed things up pretty quickly. Thankfully , our in-house leader Landen was a patient guy and knew that we were inexperienced. He still expected results from us, but he didn’t do it in a way that was demanding or unfair. Landen treated us like adults, which encouraged us to do our best work for him.

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