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Boosting Benefit Companies

I hope you and your colleagues are signing up for the April 20 Good Food in Bad Times benefit company Zoomside chat with Kelly Lake of Lux and Jamaica Trinnaman of Hello Bulk. Free registration is still open on Eventbrite. On May 18, we will be having our third benefit company event on Social and Environmental Enterprise, featuring Rob Ferris of Advantage Services, Tim Stay of The Other Side Academy, and Wilson Rodriguez of Forza Creativa. As always, this monthly third Tuesday event is held virtually from 3:30 to 5 p.m. The eventbrite link will soon be available.

To strengthen our support of benefit companies, we are beginning virtual visits around Utah. This month, I want to give a shout out to our neighbors and allies in Northern Utah. Shawn Beus, JD, Director of the Weber State University Small business Development Center, has been a career- long supporter of business for good and a champion of P3 Utah’s work.

Through Shawn, I have recently become acquainted with two newer Benefit LLC businesses. Shannon Shepherd owns Bloom Placentas, specializing in a placenta encapsulation service that contributes to the mental and physical well-being of new mothers and their babies. Jarom Watt is co-owner along with his Mom, Ramona Watt, of Mixemals, which offers social impact literacy flashcards for preschool and younger children. They will soon be expanding into perhaps the world’s first flashcards for eco-literacy in English and possibly Mandarin and Spanish! Jarom is sharing some inspiration from their work inspiring kids

Mixemalz Manifesto

We choose to celebrate LIFE! We believe the world is good and rife

With beautiful diversity all around Where abundance and harmony can always abound

Protecting the planet with proper respect We hope all populations can connect

By embracing variety and erasing strife We will constantly celebrate…

Please connect with these two wonderful benefit company owners if you can help them grow their triple bottom line. Both companies will be using P3 Utah’s updated annual benefit company reporting tool.

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