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  • Gabriella Rebol

Business Highlight: Wholesun Wellness

Today, on the P3 Blog, we are highlighting another triple-bottom line business, WholeSun Wellness. Their products are single extract, blends, and balms of medicinal mushrooms. P3 chatted WholeSun Wellness’s owner and founder, Jme Bonfiglio, about what they do to positively impact the environment and the community. They differ from a lot from the rest of the medicinal mushroom industry by making sure that 100% of their products are certified organic mushrooms. Furthermore, they are empowered to do this because of their belief that whatever goes in the mushroom will come out. Therefore, it is imperative for their products to be free of fillers, chemicals, pesticides, and preservatives. Additionally, they triple test and adhere to European testing standard to make sure the mushrooms are free of contamination. WholeSun Wellness are also focused on making sure their product is affordable for the majority of people so everyone may benefit from the mushroom’s properties. They also donated a large amount to the veterans so they may also benefit. In conclusion, WholeSun Wellness make a positive impact on the people and the planet through their business to help build a better world.

To Find More About WholeSun Wellness:

Check Out Jme Bonfiglio's Podcast with Steve and P3:

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