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Leading Ladies of SLC

We had the opportunity to speak with a couple of Latino women that are setting an example of true leadership in Salt Lake City. Both of these ladies are helping the Latino community by spreading the word about ending the gender pay gap, teaching by example to find ways to resolve social injustice in the workplace, and to inspire their fellow entrepreneurs and startup companies to follow suit with continuing the triple bottom line mentality.

Linda Nordquist is the founder of 2640 Media, offering Social Media Management, Digital Marketing, and Web Development. Columbia born, Linda has made waves in the gender equality world by taking the workplace by storm - starting in the banking business, then learning her way up the marketing world, eventually starting her own business. Linda is such an inspiration to her community being a Latino woman who owns her own business.

Juliana Duran is the founder of EnspireHub L3C, a company that serves as a hub that foundations, corporations, and government entities use to access vetted social impact proposals, who's mission is to increase funding opportunities for leaders in the social sector. Juliana is also Columbia born and moved to Utah at the age of 11. She has helped countless start ups grow their business and increase sales and profitability. Juliana inspires her community by asking Latinos in helping put an end to social injustice, and for everyone to be aware of cultural differences in the workplace.

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