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Society seems to have a symbiotic, yet increasingly antagonistic relationship with businesses. In the late 1960’s occupational safety came to the forefront of public discourse as workplace injury and death rose. In December of 1970 the Nixon administration responded with the passage of The Occupational Safety and Health Act which established OSHA, NIOSH and OSHRC in order curb the dangers faced by workers. Earlier that month the United States also saw the establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which created and enforced regulations aimed at protecting human health and the environment.

If you’ve been following the news at all then I’m sure you’re aware of the figurative machete that’s been leveled against these and other United States regulatory agencies. Executive orders have been signed, budgets have been proposed, and none of it looks good to those who believe it is the prerogative of government to shield society from harmful business practices.

However, for others it presents an opportunity to vigorously reevaluate our approach to social responsibility. Traditionally, pursuit of profits has been the only goal of business. Early economists lauded this as the most moral way of living, arguing that an output-centered economy would serve to lift many more people out of poverty than simple charity. Unfortunately, reality has demonstrated that businesses will tend to externalize as much of their cost as possible. We have now seen society bear the consequences of those decisions in the form of poor air quality, pollution, and ultimately our health.

Many are now rejecting this model, opting to build, invest, and shop at purpose driven companies. These organizations seek not only to improve their communities through the products they sell, but through employee treatment, and responsible consideration of the environment. The best part? It’s all voluntary. This is where I see hope for us now.

Cultures are shifting and people have started valuing products for their context, beyond personal utility. At P3 Utah we’re committed to doing our part to help facilitate this change in the business community. That’s why I’m excited to be able to work with them to help pass a new law which would create a voluntary form of business registration that will help distinguish these purpose-driven companies in Utah. If you’re interested, please stay tuned and check out our upcoming Benefit LLC page for more information. I’ll have more posts and information in the coming weeks!

  • Nate Kunz,
    Univ of Utah student & P3 Utah Intern


This post was contributed by Nate Kunz on April 12, 2017.