Holiday Social Special! P3 People Podcast with Issac Farley of O-Town Kitchen

Issac Farley O-Town Kitchen

On this episode of P3 People, Steve Klass of P3 Utah visits with Issac Farley, Co-Founder and Co-Owner of O-Town Kitchen.  Issac explains how he developed the idea for social enterprise as a benefit corporation:  delicious solutions to serious problems.  He presents the environmental and social foundation of his core concept.  Issac shares a poignant story of his upbringing and experience with poverty which gave him a focus for his life's work.  He provides four facts about homelessness in Utah and a core national figure about the amount of food waste.  His core business strategy addresses these facts.  His insights are compelling.

Listen and be inspired!

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Issac Farley

Isaac Farley is Co-Founder and Co-Owner of O-Town Kitchen along with Nestor Robles.  Issac was born and raised in Ogden, Utah. He recently graduated from Weber State with a bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication and a minor in Entrepreneurship. Isaac is an ordained Christian minister and his faith is the basis and motivation for the work he does in the community. Isaac has worked in graphic design or the last several years but his real passions is using food to make a difference, he worked for a Church soup kitchen for several years and in 2014 started re-imagining what a soup kitchen could be, in 2015 he co-founded O-Town Kitchen with his Weber State classmate Nestor Robles.   As one of the newest benefit corporations in Utah, he helped to celebrate the second anniversary of Utah's law by sharing delicious samples of his kitchen with fellow benefit corporation owners in Northern Utah.

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This post was contributed by Steve Klass on November 27, 2017.