P3 People Podcast: Laura Palmer, Principal at Bridgenosis

Laura Palmer explains how to use your intuitive map to find who you are. To Laura, Bridgenosis is "bridging yourself to knowing". She addresses how a strong conscience can change the direction of business towards sustainability. By teaching clients how to retrain their mind, she creates more successful leaders who have the ability to accomplish what was thought to be impossible.


Laura Palmer is a former employment attorney turned entrepreneur and hypnotherapist and founder of Bridgenosis in 2011. She’s a 2004 graduate from University of Chicago Law and Public Policy Schools. In 2010, she created a unique and powerful process of spotting and transforming expired and limiting patterns in the subconscious current of individuals and organizations, which she named Bridgenosis. She has been helping mindful leaders and organizations to solve problems that seem unsolvable such as imposter syndrome, conflicts, individual and organizational performance issues, relationship tension and miscommunication (partners, employees, etc.), public speaking issues, and stress and anxiety (which often shows up in funky physical ways). Bridgenosis gets holistic results on many levels fairly quickly and permanently because of the reprogramming process.  Laura is on a mission to update the mental software of as many mindful leaders as she can to ensure we are able to reach our sustainable, conscious goals of caring for and creating prosperity for all people and the planet. Bridgenosis offers an in depth one-on- one foundational process, a mostly self-guided program, and superpower retreats.

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This post was contributed by Steve Klass on July 5, 2017.