P3 People Podcast: Emily Capito, The Virtual COO for Visionaries

Emily Capito offers virtual COO services to aspiring businesses that want to become more resilient. Emily believes resiliency is a key factor for entrepreneurs and visionaries to become successful and maintain a goal-oriented business. She teaches start-ups about the concept of trickle-down resiliency and focuses on creating resilient employees that are confident, optimistic, and adaptable in the workplace.



As a Virtual COO, Emily clears the way for visionaries to bring their ideas into reality. After serving as the Chief Operating Officer for a $7M nonprofit, Emily founded a consulting firm delivering as-needed, on-demand COO expertise to entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses. With her background as a therapist, Emily lends a unique combination of people and operational expertise to projects, specializing in building resilient, sustainable businesses. Emily holds a masters degree in business administration from the University of Phoenix and a masters degree in social work from the University of Utah.

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This post was contributed by Steve Klass on May 22, 2017.