P3 People Podcast : Chett Boxley of Glycosurf

Chett Boxley is a part of many different organizations dedicated to bringing new sustainable products to the market. His background in chemistry helped him created Glycoserve, an organic biodegradable product that serves as an alternative to petroleum based products. Chett plans to target the cosmetics and personal care industry to offer this alternative product in making cosmetics. Chett addresses the Utah Clean Tech Open, which mentors environmental entrepreneurs succeed.


Chett Boxley is CEO of Glycosurf, a manufacturing company of eco-friendly products for commercial wholesale. He has led a team of scientists and engineers to develop a product from concept, to prototype, to commercial sales.
Prior to this he was the principal researcher for almost 8 years managing an R&D team of scientists and engineers working on numerous ceramic-based technologies and applications. He obtained an MBA from Westminster College in Salt Lake City in 2006, a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from the University of Utah in 2003, and a BS in chemistry from the University of Arizona in 1997.

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This post was contributed by Steve Klass on August 24, 2017.