Get Invovled


When we think of the word ADVOCATE, it's easy to picture storming the capital, participating in marches, or supporting fundraisers. However, being an advocate really comes down to one thing: SPEAKING UP. This doesn't have to be on a grand scale either. We've broken it down into 4 easy steps so that you can advocate on a daily basis.

  1. DISCOVER SUSTAINABILITY IDEAS YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT. This can be anything that encourages business to support people and the planet, as well as a profit. Be creative. Think out of the box. (But if you'd like to think inside the box, we have provided resources below that you can look into according to your interests. Choose three or four ideas that you can really get behind. 
  2. KNOW YOUR STUFF. Learn all you can about your interests. It's not enough to be excited about supporting people at work or helping to save the planet. Everyone can get on board with those agendas. It's the HOW people want more of, so delve deep into the HOWS behind what you're passionate about.
  3. SHARE WHAT YOU KNOW. Whether you do this through social media, face-to-face interaction, or a simple phone call, the more people know about sustainability practices, the sooner we can change the world through business as it should be: for people, the planet, and a profit. People will respond to your enthusiasm, so spread the word as soon as you feel confident with what you're talking about.
  4. INVITE PEOPLE TO ACT. People will respond to your enthusiasm and know-how, but they won't always clearly see how they can begin to take action. It's important you invite people to act once you've shared what you know. If you need actionable ideas, check out our GET INVOLVED page. 


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