Purpose-driven Business & Sustainability

Benefit Corporations & LLCs

There are so many ways companies can register as purpose driven businesses. Here is a chart to help you see the differences and perks of each. We hope it helps you understand and choose the purpose-driven business model that is right for you. To learn more about Benefit LLCs and how they can give your business an edge, click here.

Purpose Business and Purpose Program Types

How Sustainability Is Achieved in the For-Profit Workplace in Utah

February 8, 2018

Purpose Business Types

Benefit LLCs Benefit Corporations L3C's Employee / Member Owned* Social Enterprise
State Registration X X X Depends X
Social Focus X X X X X
Environment Focus X X Possible
Multiple Classes of Ownership Possible

Can Receive Impact Investment X X X X X
Can Provide Tax Benefit to Investors

Can Be a Certified B Corp X X X X X
Can Be a Nonprofit

Depends X
# In Utah 2/1/18 NA 32 100 ? ?
Purpose Program Types in Traditional Businesses

CSR / Social / Community Enviromental / Green Team Health / Wellness / Employee Benefit Certified B Corp Product / Industry Certifications Employee / Member-Owned
DBA/Sole Proprietorship X X X X X Depends of type
LLCs/Partnerships X X X X X X
Corporations X X X X X X

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