Net Impact Utah

The leaders of P3 Utah founded the Net Impact Utah Professional Chapter in 2006.  Today, Net Impact Utah exists primarily as an as-needed volunteer support for the start-up and continuity of undergraduate and graduate college student Net Impact chapters in Utah.  P3 Utah does not intend to start its own brand of student organization, preferring instead to promote the Net Impact brand for college student career advancement.

We are excited to announce a new Net Impact University of Utah Undergraduate Chapter that will begin operations in the 2017-2018 school year. This will be an opportunity for students to builds skills, network with like-minded individuals, and learn how to incorporate social well-being into business practices.

If you know a student who is interested in tapping into a wonderful global sustainability network, please have them contact us.  Learn more about the Net Impact organization at

The key to longevity for a student chapter is to:

  • Begin with a five student management team, most of whom will NOT be graduating this first year;
  • Collaborate with strong campus (such as an active environmental club) and community groups (like P3 Utah) to create a high value experience (co-branding with other campus clubs is encouraged);
  • Make the commitment to attend annual fall North American Conference and unsurpassed job fair; and
  • Make sure there is a culture on continuing to recruit students that are early in their college career (both undergraduate and graduate) level. It is the failure to recruit a leadership team to pass the torch to that causes chapter flames to burn out.