Board of Directors

As with traditional 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, the Board is responsible for providing guidance and oversight of staff activities and organization expenditures. Its members serve as P3 Utah's ambassadors who strive to keep the the organization relevant to perceived community priorities and responsive to key stakeholders.

Current Board Members

Jeff Cline
Jeff Cline President
Barry Scholl
Barry Scholl
Smokey Peck
Smokey Peck
Anne Petrie
Anne Petrie Secretary Treasurer

Former Board Members

Bill Wilson
Bill Wilson Former President
Kenner Kingston
Kenner Kingston Former Member
Kirsten Peterson
Kirsten Peterson Former Member 
Matthew Adams
Matthew Adams Former Member
Terri Holland
Terri Holland Founding Former President
Matthew Boerke
Matthew Boerke Former Member
Stephanie Stettler
Stephanie Stettler Former Member

Monthly Board Meetings

Our Board Meetings are generally held once a month and are open to the public, where all major policy positions are taken as a result of a majority vote. Each of our Board members volunteer their time and make financial contributions to the organization.

In valuing strength through diversity, new Board candidates are continually sought who represent companies from all major industries, professions, geographic location, size and who personally represent a range of demographic characteristics and professions. Board members set a high bar for ethical behavior and professional conduct, for themselves, staff and volunteers in carrying out the operations of P3 Utah.